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Larg Pond Liner

Selecting The Right Geomembrane Liner For Your Liner Application Needs

There are a wide variety of geomembrane liners available in the market today due to the unique needs of the various industries they are used in.
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The type of geomembrane that would work best for a specific application can depend on several different factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, size of the liner needed, if the liquid contained is just water or chemicals and/or waste, the longevity required, what the environment that the liner will be in, what guarantees are needed, and if the liner will be protected from U.V. rays. There are often other factors that also need to be taken into account.

Geomembrane Liners are superior for:

  • water loss prevention
  • hydrocarbon seepage control
  • errosion control

We always try to make your purchase as easy as possible by providing information on this website. Use the links below to read about the different geomembrane liners materials that are provided and what applications they work best with. We have provided spec sheets and a basic overview of the most common applications in the industry today. We understand that sometimes even more detailed information is needed. We also provide a few unique products that are not on this website due to these products being primarily only used in unique circumstances.

The sort of geomembrane that’s appropriate for a particular application relies upon different factors.

  • The scale of the liner required
  • The sort of liquid which is to be stored, whether the area will contain dangerous or non-hazardous liquids
  • The longevity needed, what sort of environment the liner will be exposed to
  • If the liner needs defense against UV rays and so on
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To receive the best value geomembrane liner material for your particular needs the specific application should be understood. This has an effect on the installation procedures, lifespan and performance of the liner. There are new applications and industries being created every year. For instance we now offer high quality Frac pit liners and other liner products on our website based on specific application but there are so many types not all can be discussed on one website. We are able to provide an enormous variety of products and can answer any questions you may have about which geomembrane liner would suit your requirements best. The liners supplied by us are always built in the plant to fit your needs.

Western Environmental Liner provides a variety of geomembrane liner materials based on your specific project needs.  Below is a few of our more common geomembrane liner options. Although these liner materials will cover a majority of liner projects, we can design or source a special geomembrane liner material specifically for your unique application if needed. Western Environmental Liner provides the highest quality materials in the industry.

Please feel free to review our specification sheets,various applications we have written about, or feel free to contact us and we will help you select the best solution for your particular application.

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