Construction Pond Liners

In highly dusty areas it can be required by the States to water down the ground when construction is being done to limit the potentially harmful particulates in the air caused by dirt and sand being stirred up by traffic.

Construction Pond Liner
Construction Pond Liner

In dusty areas, states may require the use of water to dampen the ground during construction activities. This measure helps minimize the airborne particulates that result from the stirring up of dirt and sand by traffic, thereby reducing a potential impact on air quality. Our construction pond liners can effectively aid in water conservation and provide essential access to water in such environments.

Due to the fact that  many construction areas do not have access to water, many locations are provided with water by utilizing a water truck that trucks water in from long distances. In the past decade or so, many construction companies have saved water by digging a hole near the construction site and filling the newly made construction pond with water. This practice helps conserve water and provides a local source for essential water needs during construction projects.

This enables construction companies to save a great deal of money by not having the need to bring in new water trucks frequently. Most newly dug construction ponds unfortunately do not hold water by themselves and need a construction pond liner to hold the water temporarily while construction is being done.

Western Environmental Liner has multiple options of liner material that can be used as temporary construction pond liners or for more long lasting projects. Since almost all construction jobs last less than two years our Aqua 12 liner is very popular for its affordability. Sometimes our customers want a little more protection due to the environment and go with our Aqua 15.

We have had a few very long construction job inquiries where a customer decides to go with our Aqua 20. Whatever construction pond liner you choose we will be sure to steer you in the right direction.

Construction pond lining can give you access to water resources without seepage. Please think of Western Environmental Liner for your next construction job.

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