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Golf Course Pond

Custom Pond Liners for Large Ponds

Providing the highest quality custom pond liners for your large pond liner application is our goal.
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Large Pond Liner

This means providing the right pond liner for the job, at the right price. You don’t want a pond liner that might be overkill for the job, costing more than it needs to. And you definitely don’t want a pond liner that won’t hold up as long as you need it.

To know what type of custom pond liner is best for your job, we need to understand exactly what the liner’s environment will to be.

Our staff of liner experts will ask you questions that will help us provide you the best value. Questions may include:

  • How large is the pond?
  • What will it contain?
  • Will there be penetrations of the liner?
  • Will the liner will be buried or exposed to sunlight?
  • In what part of the country will it be installed? 

Your answers may factor into what liner material will be most affordable for your custom liner, while still being extremely effective.

Unlike some smaller liner providers, Western Environmental Liner offers a wide array of geomembrane liner materials so there is no need to pigeon hole a product that might not be the best option available for your particular needs.

We are one of the world’s largest producers of custom pond liners, having over 30 years of geomembrane liner experience. This allows us to purchase raw goods in very large quantities and discounted prices. We can then pass those discounts on to you.

At times, particular pond liners are more affordable or expensive based on resin costs of the base liner material or other economic factors.  We have the ability to quickly change the liner material to the one that is most affordable for the customer when this happens.

Some of the most cost effective pond liners are ones that can be heat sealed with sophisticated machinery in a factory. Many liner materials in the market today are sold by dealers with small shops. These liner materials often need to be glued and taped in the field which generally makes them more expensive and not as leak proof.  Our custom fabrication allows us to make large pond liners, often in a single piece.

With multiple factories across the country, we can produce one acre pond liner, often multiple acres in size.

Large pond liners allow for less possibility of leakage by limiting field seams or eliminating them all together.

If you need liner installation, we have multiple crews across the country that help make your installation stress free.

Western Environmental Liner

Western Environmental Liner

provides geomembrane liner materials that can last well over 20 years in the sun as well as slightly costly pond liners that do best if buried.

We will work for you to understand the differences in cost so that you can make best choice for your situation and budget.

Some of the products we provide for pond liner materials are our Aqua series liner, which consists of a very strong reinforced polyethylene  (RPE) produced with first grade virgin resin. Our reinforced polyethylene has excellent puncture and tear strength and does not need to be as thick or heavy as some films to work effectively. Our Aqua series allows for up to a 10 year U.V & weathering warranty and 20 years buried.

Another option available is our reinforced polypropylene liner (RPP liner) which is made of the highest grade polypropylene, coming with a 20 year U.V & weathering warranty, and excellent with waste as well as water, our reinforced polypropylene liner is an excellent choice for most containment needs.

Although these are Western Environmental Liner‘s primary recommendations for now, we have dozens of other liner materials available based on our customer’s need such as the LLDPE, HDPE liner, PVC, EPDM,XR-5, Urethane, among many more.

Contact Western Environmental Liner so we can start helping you choose the right pond liner for your unique requirements.

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