Oil And Fuel Containment Liners

Western Environmental Liner offers several different oil containment & fuel resistant geomembrane liners and can help choose the best containment option based on the particular needs of a specific application.

Oil & Fuel Field Liner
Oil & Fuel Field Liner

The choice of oil resistant liner will depend on several factors, including:

  • Will the oil containment liner be used for primary containment or secondary containment?
  • Will it be for short term or long term use?
  • Will it be used outside or inside?

The same holds true for fuel containment liners, such as for diesel or jet fuel.

Oil & fuel proves difficult to contain for most liner materials due to being homogeneous with most liner materials  (most liners are made from oil byproducts) although many liner materials can be used temporarily for oil containment , such as standard PVC and polyethylene liners, they are not normally recommended for long term oil or hydrocarbon containment.

Geomembrane liners that contain a specially formulated plasticizer called Elvaloy are often the best choice for long term  oil & fuel containment. XR5, a product specially made with a large percentage of Elvaloy comes with a 10-year warranty for oil containment. XR5 has very high puncture resistance, durability & UV resistance as well.  We can also offer more unique containment liner options for very high levels of hydrocarbons if needed.

Western Environmental Liner has several types of specialized materials that are specifically blended for the containment of oil and oil based liquids, sludge, saltwater, wastewater and contaminated soil containment.

For temporary containments, Standard or Oil Resistant PVC‘s may suit your application requirements. For long-term containment, or containment situations that require high puncture resistance, durability and extreme UV resistance, XR-5 may be the liner of choice.

Please call or email a 30+ old oil-fuel containment liner manufacturer for a price quote, including your destination origin point so a shipping rate can be included in your pricing.

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