Retention Ponds Highly Recommended Liner Materials

Retention Ponds are becoming increasingly needed and are often a requirement.

Retention Pond
Retention Pond

These Ponds are basins that catch runoff from higher elevation areas. They help limit flooding and help remove pollutants from the surrounding environment. Retention pond waste enters from sewers that are often developed in areas with significant construction, where there are impermeable surfaces such as buildings, roadways & parking lots which rain water can’t penetrate.

The runoff from these areas can flow into a retention pond to capture any harmful pollutants and any extra rainwater. The ponds are built to handle a quick influx of water and slowly release it into another pond, stream or wetland, or slowly back into the ground. A pond can serve to remove pollutants and trash. Since ponds are the drainage basin for an area, they are a magnet for items like garbage. Trash and debris are washed into these areas often after heavy rains. PVC bags and other waste enter from sewers that typically drain into a pond. A pond also catches other pollutants from runoff such as petroleum products from roadways, fertilizers from fields, sediments, bacteria, suspended solids, and metals. These unwanted pollutants can have negative effects on the overall water quality, likewise pH, turbidity, nutrients, and even water hardness. The retention ponds collect these runoff pollutants and allow them to settle out of the water and get used up through biological phenomena.

Retention Ponds are increasingly being used in the agricultural sector. These ponds are often fairly small, typically less than an acre. They are also usually shallow with slow sloping bottoms. There is also typically a large area around the ponds that can accommodate high water during rainy times.

Our Aqua series of reinforced polyethylene liners and our Reinforced Polypropylene liner can be excellent choices for retention pond liners. Fabricated into large panels, often times only one panel is necessary.

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