Irrigation Canal Liners

Irrigation canal liners are an affordable solution to prevent water loss due to seepage. It has been estimated that irrigation canals experience water loss of 30-40%, with seepage being one of the main factors causing water loss. Canals are vital for agricultural irrigation, water supply, and transportation, making the prevention of water loss crucial for ensuring sustainable and efficient water management systems.
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Advantages of an irrigation or canal liner:

A smooth surface allows for a higher flow rate meaning reduced dimensions to move equivalent amounts of water and lower maintenance costs.
Eliminate seepage which promotes weed growth and erosion leeding to further irrigation canal inefficiency.
Water Conservation

Wide Selection of Canal Liner Applications

Western Environmental Liner offers a wide selection of geomembranes ideally suited for irrigation and canal liner applications. Recognizing the precious nature of water, Western Environmental Liner can line your canal or spillway getting your water where it is intended and not supporting weed growth. Canal lining is essential for the efficient use of water and land resources.

Thousands of miles of previously built, concrete and clay canals are now showing extensive cracking with resulting leaks and water loss. By relining these irrigation canals with prefabricated Aqua series liners, you can protect your water supply.

Be it aging and damaged canals or new projects dedicated to protect our natural resources, Western Environmental Liner has the materials and resources to provide factory fabricated irrigation and canal liners to meet your need.

Ditch Liner

Cost-Effective Solution for Water Management

The Aqua Series geomembranes for channel lining are not only effective in preventing water loss but also remarkably cost-efficient. These liners significantly reduce seepage, helping lower operational costs associated with water loss and extensive maintenance. Investing in quality canal liners means investing in the sustainability and profitability of your water management system.

Recommended Materials

We specialize in custom canal liner fabrication and installation.

We can also make canal liners in manageable segments that customers have installed themselves with portable hot air welders. We provide many different products for canal lining applications with our Aqua Series being the most popular.

Importance of Professional Installation

Professional installation of irrigation canal liners is important to ensure long-lasting performance. Our team of experts can handle installations of all sizes, ensuring we efficiently and effectively complete your channel lining project. Thus, we can secure your investment for years to come.

Let us help you optimize your water management strategy. Please contact us today because our objective is to satisfy our customers by giving delivery on time! We look forward to hearing from you.

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