Frac Pad Liners

Frac pads are where the drilling or fracking process is done to extract oil and gas from the ground.

Frac Pad Liner
Frac Pad Liner

Frac pad liners, also known as containment liners, are used to prevent any type of contaminants from seeping into the ground. For extra security, primary containment liners are often backed by secondary containment liners.

Frac pads are high activity areas, requiring liners that are tough and durable, with very high puncture and tear resistance.

Western Environmental Liner has specific liner materials for these particular liner applications to ensure worry proof protection.

We provide 24 hour service in the oil and gas industry with custom sizes of liners available.

Different thicknesses and strengths are also available depending on the specific situation.

Please contact a 30+ year old containment liner manufacturer for your frac pad liner and secondary containment needs.

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