Ditch Liners

A ditch is a narrow channel that’s been dug into the ground. This usually allows water to drain, and it can also irrigate fields and farms for crops. The ditch liners used in them tend to be narrower in width than canal liners.

Ditch Liner
Ditch Liner

Western Environmental Liner has a large assortment of ditch liners in its selection, allowing different choices for the purpose for which you need the liner.

In some instances, it makes sense to get a temporary liner so that you can replace it with ease in the future or re-install it without a problem. In other cases, it might be a good idea to choose long-term liners with a 20+ year life on them. This way, you won’t have to worry about your liner for a long while.

Irrigation ditch liners tend to be used for agriculture. Western Ag Enterprises and Western Environmental Liner are experienced when it comes to dairy and farmer needs for lining ditches. Farms can increase production when there is a reduction in how long it takes to water the fields. These liners definitely have played a strong role in such advancements.

Another problem that’s resolved through the use of ditch liners is erosion. This can be a common issue with unlined ditches. Also, the liner prevents weeds from growing in a ditch and also prevents the dirt from crumbling, which can lead to the ditch being destroyed. They are also useful under concrete-lined ditches as a means to keep the installation stabilized and a further shield when the concrete starts cracking in the future.

Our specialized machinery makes it possible to create drainage ditch liners that can be extremely long. Weight in this situation is the only concern, but our specialized equipment can also help with installation. We recommend the strongest reinforced liner materials, which don’t puncture or tear as easily. This is a plus when you’re dealing with water that flows quickly. We tailor every ditch lining job to your unique needs.

Reach out to Western Environmental Liner for assistance in getting started with your project. We offer free liner quotes on our custom fabrication of more than 10,000 square feet as well as one-piece liners of 150,000 square feet or less. Enjoy a 20-year warranty and the on-site installation we provide. We have more than 30 years of experience with industrial-grade liners, and you can’t go wrong working with us.

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