Brine Pond Liners

Brine (Salt water) pond liners are often used to help store liquid natural gas in ponds or in salt caverns.

Brine Pond Liner
Brine Pond Liner

While traditionally used for salt harvesting, brine ponds have become more common as natural gas has gained prominence in the United States as well as other countries such as Australia.

There are often strict restrictions on what liner materials can be used for these specific applications which Western Environmental Liner can help with.

Whatever the specific application, choosing the right brine pond liner is critical to ensure that harmful brine or other contaminates used in the process do not seep into and contaminate the ground. Size is not a problem either, our large factories can supply large pond liners.

The correct brine pond liner can be important as well to allow for efficient evaporation.

Contact Western Environmental Liner‘s knowledgeable staff to ensure that your brine project will be a success.

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