PVC Liners

PVC Liners are highly flexible and impermeable films most commonly used in 20 mil, 30 mil and 40 mil thicknesses.

PVC Pond Liner
PVC Pond Liner

PVC is widely used as a liner material for numerous pond and containment applications. It makes an excellent choice for containment of chemicals, liquids and wastes. As such, PVC is often used as a landfill liner and for landfill daily cover, presenting a less wasteful solution than using soil. You will often see PVC used in mining applications to contain coal ash – with its high impermeability, PVC is excellent for preventing harmful dusts from spreading.

PVC is also very good at containing water and it can be made non-toxic to handle fish ponds and potable water applications.

PVC can be formulated with several different resistances depending on the purpose. It can be made oil-resistant and safe for fish. It retains high flexibility while maintaining impermeability, and offers a malleable film to work with to conform to changes in the ground and its other surroundings.

PVC is not naturally UV-resistant, and its useful life if left exposed to sunlight can be one-tenth of its useful life if buried. Because PVC is such a useful and trusted material for pond liners and other containment uses, work has taken place on creating PVC variants that are resistant to UV light.

PVC liners can have a warranty of up to 20 years, but typically only if they are buried or not used in an outside environment. This may be changing as the new UV-resistant variants become available with warranties up to 15 years. Warranty is one of the crucial costs to consider for any containment project.

PVC Liner Material

What is a PVC liner?

PVC is one of the oldest and most trusted materials used to line containment ponds for fresh or runoff water, chemicals or waste. See our introduction page to PVC Liners. This versatile material can be formulated as safe for fish or resistant to oil and other chemicals. PVC is also used for landfill liners and in some mining applications. The material is flexible, and conformable to surfaces, and can be prefabricated into very large sheets, and preformed to fit large ponds.

What is a PVC pond liner?

PVC is highly impermeable, and one of the most trusted materials used as a barrier liner for containment ponds, for fluids ranging from fresh water, to oils and chemicals, to raw waste. PVC is flexible and conformable to earth surfaces. PVC can also be prefabricated in very large sheets (e.g. 200,000 sq. ft), and preformed for the best fit - see our Large Pond Liners page for more information.

Is a PVC pond liner safe for fish?

PVC pond liners made for fish ponds are safe for fish. See our Complete Guide to Custom Fish Pond Liners. PVC is a versatile and long-trusted material that can be formulated to various resistances and given different properties. It can be supplied non-toxic to aquatic life while also being highly impermeable to prevent seepage into the ground.

How long does a PVC pond liner last?

A PVC pond liner can be warranted up to 20 years, if installed well. PVC is normally not very resistant to UV light (but a new UV-resistant formulation has recently appeared with a 15-year warranty). Typically when used as a pond liner, PVC it should be buried and not exposed to sunlight, for greatest durability. The prefabrication integrity, and especially the installation, of any pond liner will determine how reliably it can prevent seepage and for how long. See our guide to Installation Tips and Pitfalls with Pond Liners.

Western Environmental Liner has many years’ experience with PVC liner manufacturing and can help you choose the correct thickness and type for your project.

A few of the applications that use PVC can be seen in the grid below.

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Gauge Longevity Application
PVC 20 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20 years buried

Temporary Construction pond liners , Temporary pond liners , potentially long term pond liners if buried. Landfill liners if Buried.

PVC 30 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20 years buried

Long Term Pond Liners buried. Containment Liners if inside. Landfill liners. Retention Pond liners, Temporary oil containment.

PVC 40 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20 years buried

Buried Pond Liners such as recreational liners or Golf Course Pond Liners, Evaporation Ponds. Retention Ponds, Temporary oil containment.

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