Irrigation Pond Liners

Choosing the right liner for your irrigation pond is a decision that affects cost, longevity and the efficiency of your water use.

We offer advanced geomembrane solutions that provide superior performance, environmental safety, and cost-effectiveness. With our Aqua series of liners, you can trust that your investment is robust and complies with the highest standards.

Larg Pond Liner
AQUA 30 (30 mil Reinforced Polyethylene Liner)

Two traditional materials often used are clay and concrete. However, each comes with disadvantages.

Clay Liners

Clay liners are a natural option and initially seem cost-effective. However, they present several challenges:

  • Permeability: Clay can be permeable unless perfectly compacted, which can lead to water seepage.
  • Maintenance: Clay liners can crack and erode over time, especially in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles degrade the liner’s integrity.
  • Installation: Achieving an even and compact layer of clay can be labor-intensive and requires professional expertise to avoid future seepage.

Concrete Liners

Concrete is another traditional choice for irrigation ponds, known for its durability. Despite this, concrete liners are not without faults:

  • Cracking: Over time, concrete is prone to cracking, particularly with the natural settling of the ground and exposure to varying weather conditions.
  • Cost: The installation and repair of concrete liners are often more expensive compared to other liner materials.
  • Rigidity: Concrete does not offer the flexibility needed for certain pond shapes and sizes, potentially limiting design options.


RPE and RPP Geomembrane Liners

For modern agricultural applications, geomembrane liners made from RPE and RPP (Reinforced Polypropylene) provide superior benefits:

  • Durability: Both RPE and RPP liners are highly resistant to UV rays, chemical degradation, and physical damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Flexibility: Unlike rigid materials like concrete, geomembranes can conform to any shape and size of irrigation ponds, providing a seamless fit that greatly reduces the risk of leaks.
  • Installation: These liners are lighter and easier to install than traditional materials, reducing both time and labor costs.
  • Environmental Safety: Our geomembrane liners are safe for both the environment and aquatic life, making them an ideal choice for sustainable farming practices.

Our Aqua Series Liners

Our Aqua series of geomembrane liners represent the pinnacle of liner technology. These liners are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of agricultural water containment, offering unmatched performance and reliability. Whether you need a solution for water conservation, aquaculture, or irrigation efficiency, the Aqua series delivers.

NSF 61 Certification

Safety and compliance are key concerns in agricultural operations. Most of our liners, including those in the Aqua series, carry NSF 61 certification. This certification ensures that our products meet the strictest health effects standards for materials that come into contact with potable water.

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