Why PVC Can Be A Good Choice For Landfill Liners

December 5, 2016
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Landfill liners are laid under landfills to minimize or prevent the migration of toxic substances and leachate into nearby rivers and underlying aquifers or for any possibble contamination of the surrounding area. Modern landfills often use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) geomembranes to contain contaminates.

PVC is commonly an alternative to polyethylene geomembranes. When looking for a cost-effective and reliable landfill liner that will meet most common landfill requirements both products are a good choice.

PVC is a versatile liner material that can be formulated with many different resistances to suit particular landfill requirements. For instance, it is not too uncommon to treat the material for increased oil resistance, which may be important if the waste may contain oil byproducts that can contaminate the soil.

The impermeability of PVC prevents leach-ate from leaking or seeping through contaminating the soil and ground water, while its flexibility enables it to conform to most surrounding geographical situations. PVC is highly weld-able and it conforms well to the sub grade contours of landfills.

Due to this fact, It is easier and quicker to install than several options. Some installations can be accomplished with wedge welders, which apply pressure and heat to the material. For simple patches or an occasional long seam, hot air guns with fine tip nozzles can be used to melt the material together. Many liner manufacturers offer landfill liners in large panels to reduce installation costs and lower the chances of any possible leaks.

Manufacturers of PVC geomembranes commonly provide a warranty, which applies when it is installed in landfills. PVC liners come in different thicknesses ranging from 20 mil to 60 mil +, which are appropriate for landfills. PVC liners often can last well over twenty years when buried.

The same material is preferred for landfill cap covers, too, as they provide secondary protection from contaminants. Byproducts and certain types of waste material may emit harmful and toxic fumes as they deteriorate, so it makes sense to have a landfill cap cover. PVC cap covers can prevent gases from escaping and polluting the air.

There are several choices when choosing a landfill liners, PVC is one of the best choices in the market today.

Note that PVC is the best choice for landfill bottom liners. For landfill daily covers we usually recommend our high quality Aqua series of Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) liners.

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