Lake Liners: Think Big When Planning Water Features

September 6, 2016
Golf Course Pond

Water containment can be challenging when it comes to a body of water that is several acres in size such as lakes. For this reason, there are specially crafted lake liners that can help prevent water loss. High-quality liners can be an efficient and cost-effective way to preserve and contain water in your lake. As opposed to many fish pond liners, these products are usually custom-made and require higher durability.  They are made of high-end and durable geomembrane materials that are tested, proven, and guaranteed to be suitable and safe for lakes. Reputable providers of geomembranes can customize their products to match the size and shape of your lake. Likewise, they can provide the necessary installation tools and services for a complete turnkey solution.

The material of the lake liner matters and seasoned geomembrane providers understand this. Hence, they carry lake liners that are made of reinforced polypropylene, a material that has unprecedented weathering and UV resistance. Reputable suppliers offer reinforced polypropylene liners in thicknesses that are either 45 or 35 mil. Look for a 45 mil RPE geomembrane that comes with a 20-year weathering and UV warranty. A 36 mil RPE geomembrane must come with at least a 15-year warranty. A 24 mil RPE liner can be suitable for lakes as well, and it is cost-effective, too. Make sure that it is crafted using only the best resins for excellent puncture and tear resistance. A 24 mil lake liner should be able to withstand most difficult containment situations in lakes.

Reinforced polypropylene has outstanding chemical resistance and high impermeability, so it is ideal for high priority containment, too. Some lake liners may be versatile and used in waste treatment applications, too. For lake lining, make sure that the RPE or RPP geomembrane is made specifically for that purpose. This way, you can be sure that it can stand the common conditions that may cause its deterioration when exposed or buried.

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