The Right Landfill Liner Is Essential for Your Success – Read This to Find Out Why

October 3, 2016
Landfill Liners

An appropriate geomembrane liner will allow a landfill to safely and securely handle waste. Landfills are essential to proper waste management, so they are carefully engineered and built to effectively handle and keep waste. Landfill liners are specially designed and crafted for that purpose to avoid certain liquids from garbage and waste from seeping further into the soil to contaminate groundwater and the surrounding environment. In fact, the landfill liner is one of the four crucial elements in creating a secure and safe landfill.

Also known as the ‘bottom liner’, the landfill lining can either be made of a synthetic material or clay. It is important to consider the material and composition of the product to make sure that it can efficiently prevent toxic byproducts and leachate from migrating to the top soil, nearby bodies of water, and local sources of water. Some landfill liners are used as cap covers, too. Cap covers provide secondary protection against contamination. Likewise, landfill cap covers can help retain gases, which are produced by toxic byproducts. The gases may then be used for electricity conversion.

Landfill liners can be versatile and serve as rain covers, too. These are especially made to prevent runoff rainwater, which may cause contaminants to migrate into other areas. Reputable providers of landfill liners offer products that are made of PVC, which is known for its excellent conformity, elongation, and weld-ability. It is highly impermeable, too, and this is an important aspect of landfill containment.

We also provide landfill daily covers, also known as “alternative daily covers” or landfill cap covers.  We usually recommend our high quality Aqua series of Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) for these applications.

PVC landfill liners are offered in very large panels, so you can reduce installation costs and minimize the chances of any possible leaks. Some manufacturers can customize PVC liners with special features such as fish safe and oil resistance properties. RPE (reinforced polyethylene) is another material that is used in landfill liners, particularly for rain covers. It has an excellent tear and chemical resistance.

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