Getting The Best Pond Liner Installation Instructions Online

August 22, 2016
Golf Course Pond

Installing a pond liner is a cost-effective way to prevent water loss in the long run. Whether you need a fish pond liner, large lake liner, or a liner for a containment pond, high-quality pond liners that are made of reinforced polyethylene and other durable materials can last for more than 20 years even when constantly exposed to UV rays—and their longevity is even better when they are buried. Proper installation is important to ensure the effectiveness of the pond liner. You should be able to find the best pond liner installation instructions online in case the product does not come with a manual. Alternatively, you can consult with the provider for proper installation tips and procedures.

Proper liner installation will depend on the type of pond you have. For most ponds, you will have to make sure that the liner matches the size and shape of the hole. We have a pond liner calculator here that you can use to find out how large a pond liner you will need. Otherwise, dig a hole according to the liner’s shape, but consider digging by sloping the sides instead of doing a vertical dig. From there, create planting areas where you can put plants later, but leave steps about 20 cm to 40 cm deep. Make sure that the top edge is level to make it easier to edge the pool while keeping the liner minimally visible.

High-quality pond liners may be durable and thick. They are designed to resist tears and weathering, but you still need to do proper precautions to make sure that they last long. Hence, be sure to clear the area of sharp stones, weeds, vegetation, and other debris that could compromise the integrity of the material. After clearing the pond, you can already place the liner. To Anchor the liner, make sure you make an adequate trench around the perimeter to bury the liner. No wind can be allowed to get under the liner or any liner over time would tear.

Installing a pond liner can take some time and effort, so it is important to have the right equipment and manpower to do it. Reputable providers of pond liners can offer the tools you will need to get the job done. They can provide the installation crew, too, in case you need additional assistance from professionals.

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