Have You Got the Right Field Lining Equipment for Your Athletic Field?

October 31, 2016
Athletic Field Cover

Athletic fields are not merely used for gaming events, sports, and other community or institutional events. Having the right field lining equipment can make your athletic field a sustainable source of water with its own storm water recapture system.

Modern technology has enabled athletic fields to have better water runoff and irrigation. Some technological advancements can transform your athletic field into a more efficient and environmentally friendly system which has a storm water management solution underneath.

By using the right field lining equipment and materials, you should be able to create a system that can successfully recycle, treat, and store storm water.

Geotextiles and geomembranes are essential when building a storm water recapture system. Together with high-quality turf, pipes, and sand, the system should be able to work effectively. Field lining can be specifically fabricated for this particular application.

RPE (reinforced polyethylene) geomembrane is among the specially made types of field lining that can help you construct an efficient storm water recapture system. The material is fairly impermeable, so it effectively prevents water from seeping into the ground to allow it to flow smoothly to where it is supposed to go.

High-quality RPE geomembranes are guaranteed to last for more than two decades.

Permeable non-woven needle punch geotextiles are ideal for field lining, too. It filters debris, chemicals, and soil from the storm water, making it ideal for erosion control and water treatment.

High-quality geotextiles come in different gauges, and they can be customized to any size or shape you require to save money and time during installation. Consider buying field lining equipment from a seasoned provider that can fabricate field covers, too.

This way, you can cover the athletic field and use it for other applications, too, such as social events. The best field lining materials are durable and they come with pull handles, which are heavy-duty for easy storage and deployment.

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