As Budgets Tighten, More People Are Using Affordable Geomembrane Containment Liners

April 30, 2015
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Although containment options such as concrete and coatings can be a good choice when money is no object, often this isn’t the case. Increasingly due to budget constraints the amount of area that is lined is based on the cost of the materials used.With budgets tight, more companies and government entities are doing what they can to get as much bang for their buck. They are accomplishing this by using less costly alternatives than have been used in the past for conserving water and protecting the environment.

Budget constraints can affect a dairy’s growth due to required manure containment & can affect a district’s water allowance for the year. Sometimes the cost difference between materials can be the difference between building one small manure pond with concrete, or being able to have a much larger pond lined with a geomembrane liner and in water scarcity situations, the ability to line a canal for a half a mile with concrete or fifteen miles with a high quality liner material. This dilemma is not uncommon when it comes to government canal lining projects where once the allotted amount of money is used up the length of the canal being lined is stopped.

With droughts in areas such as California and Texas, saving as much water as possible will become increasingly important. High quality geomembrane liners compared to concrete can see savings of up to 25 times, and in some instances, even more. Engineers often prefer to recommend what has been used in the past, but as geomembrane liners become stronger and last longer at a fraction of the price of old materials, they need to be looked at as a solid alternative that can conserve the most possible water and money. Additional savings can also be utilized to protect more of the environment by allowing additional safe byproduct containment.

As national resources become scarce, and the world becomes more environmentally conscious, geomembrane liners will increasingly be used to conserve water and protect the environment due to their affordability.

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